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First off, an alert for anyone who has an iPhone…the apps for Mark Bittman’s “How to Cook Everything” and “How to Cook Everything Vegetarian” are on sale for $1.99 each through May 8 (regular price $4.99). I had been eyeing them, so I jumped on that offer as soon as I saw Bittman’s tweet today. Now for the links. Lots and lots of news in the world of health, nutrition and food this week, especially with the “Future of Food” conference in Washington, D.C.:
  • I was a little grossed out by this New York Times article about how the body replaces fat lost via liposuction. In short, this well-done study showed, for example, that when fat cells are suctioned out of the thighs, within about a year the body replaces those fat cells…in the abdomen and (weirdly) in the arms! As one of the researchers pointed out, the body “defends” its fat, whether you suck it out or diet it away.
  • File this one under “preaching to the choir” if you’re already a regular exerciser. If you’re not, and you have diabetes, or are wanting to prevent it, a new meta-analysis study found that getting at least 150 minutes a week of structured exercise (such as a 30-minute brisk walk five days a week) offers real improvements in blood sugar control, which helps prevent or delay type 2 diabetes. From type 2 diabetes, it’s a frighteningly easy hop-skip-and-a-jump over to heart disease. So go for a walk, please!
  • I’d been following the highlights from the “Future of Food” conference and had taken particular interest in what keynote speaker Prince Charles had to say. This is a man who is clearly passionate about organic, sustainable farming. The Washington Post has provided access to a transcript of his speech! This bit particularly grabbed me: “Over a billion people — one-seventh of the world’s population — are hungry and another billion suffer from “hidden hunger,” which is the lack of essential vitamins and nutrients in their diets. And on the reverse side of the coin, let us not forget the other tragic fact — that over a billion people in the world are now considered overweight or obese. It is an increasingly insane picture. In one way or another, half the world finds itself on the wrong side of the food equation.”
  • Speaking of the Future of Food, Marion Nestle (who was a panelist at the conference) had a great post on her Food Politics blog about what the conference meant. In brief, she says that the fact that the event happened at all indicates that the food movement has gone mainstream.
  • There’s no excuse not to stay fit when traveling or when time is in super-short supply, not with the heralded return of, that’s right…calisthenics! Working out, old school! Not a surprise, since I’ve seen (and used) some pretty effective body-weight routines from Turbulence Training, Rachel Cosgrove,, etc.
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