Links I Like

Happy Saturday! We’ve had a lovely few days of mildly warm, sunny weather here in Seattle, which is making me crave smoothies instead of oatmeal, and grilled veggies instead of roasted. I saw “Forks Over Knives” yesterday, and quite liked the main message, although I had a few quibbles. I’ll talk about that on Monday. You’ll find me on the farm blog and probably Facebook and Twitter tomorrow, but first, some lovely links:
  • First off, I’m in love with The Perennial Plate. It all started with Episode 19 (“Summer Vegetables”…I’ll never look at carrot tops the same way again), but they really had me at Episode 53 (“Lucky Cows”).
  • Quick: Which is healthier, school food or prison food? Are you sure? Really?
  • Do you nosh at night? Better think twice, especially if you’re watching your weight. Looks like there is something to the idea that late-night eating contributes to extra pounds.
  • News flash: If you’re going on a diet, the one that works will be the one you can stick with. All the brouhaha about Consumer Reports giving a thumbs up to Jenny Craig appears to be much ado about nothing. I personally think going on a diet of processed meals sounds really gross, but if that floats your boat and you learn how to manage your eating once you transition off the packaged meals, then go for it. Keep in mind that the support and structure of Weight Watchers has been awfully successful for a lot of people. And data gathered by the National Weight Control Registry shows that a lot of people achieve weight loss success by devising their own plans.
  • It makes me crazy that people still believe that putting on a few pounds of muscle is A) easy, and B) license to eat a bajillion more calories every day. There are countless good reasons to build or maintain lean muscle mass, both for health and appearance sake. But packing on muscle is challenging for all but a genetically gifted few. And while muscle does burn more calories than fat, it doesn’t burn that much.
  • Finally, some health-minded people tried to kick Ronald McDonald to the curb, but the clown fought back.