Links I Like

Happy holiday weekend. I hope you have some nice plans for the three days. I have lots of studying to do (as always) but I also have a lot of cooking and gardening planned (as well as some quality time with the current issues of Elle and Bazaar). Oh, joy! Lots of good articles floating around the health-and-nutrition sphere this week, and here are some of the best:
  • First, let me scream it from the rooftops: The USDA is ditching the blasted food guide pyramid! Glory, hallelujah! I’ve had to endorse that thing (through my work) for years, and now they are coming up with something that will at least be simpler to understand. Whether I agree with the advice it offers remains to be seen (it will be officially unveiled next week). I am heartened by the fact that it has the David Kessler seal of approval.
  • Are you middle aged? Can you run a mile? How fast? No, don’t go run a mile (unless that’s something you do regularly). But if you are in mid-life, or approaching it, you might be interested in a New York Times article discussing two studies, both suggesting that your level of fitness in midlife is a predictor of how healthy your heart will be as you get older.
  • Imagine my delight to discover. in the same day, two great stories that go great together. 1) “Less Active at Work, Americans Have Packed on Pounds” and 2) ” ‘Bikini-Ready’? Who’s Judging?” So…as a society, we are heavier than ever thanks to more sedentary jobs, but we’re also more critical than ever about who has the “right” to wear a bikini. Could things get more twisted?
  • Concerned about GMOs in your food? The Los Angeles Times has a really nice article about the issue, cutting through the endless debate and getting to the heart of the issues that really matter to consumers.
I plan to post some serious updates on the farm blog this weekend, and I’ll probably do a mini-post about something for Monday…otherwise, see you back in full force on Tuesday!