Links I Like

Happy Saturday! This is the first Saturday in more than two months that I haven’t had to rise and shine at the crack of dawn for a microbiology class. So instead, I’m rising and shining and going for a nice long walk. A lovely breakfast will follow, after which gardening, yoga, a bit of cooking and a good movie (“Winter’s Bone”) are on the agenda. I hope you have something nice planned for your weekend! For those of you wondering what’s been going on (or not going on) on the farm blog, I will be doing some serious updating this weekend. Promise! In the meantime, here are some lovely links for your enjoyment and edification:
  • Is All Saturated Fat the Same?” is a really excellent, even-handed article pointing out the flaws in allowing the dietary pendulum to swing too far one direction or the other with regards to macronutrients (carbs, fats, proteins). A voice of sanity in the crazy universe of “nutritional wisdom.”
  • I have no intention of paring down my cookbook collection (I think I’m up to 180 volumes) anytime in the foreseeable future, but this “Recipe for paring cookbook collection” resonated with me nevertheless. And if you happen to feel the need to lighten your cookbook load, it is a very good “recipe” indeed.
  • Can you imagine losing 7 billion pounds in 10 years! What a mega-diet that would be! “Can We End Obesity Within A Decade?” lays out some excellent point on the current obesity epidemic, and what it may take to turn it around.
  • I wrote a bit this week about how to put a healthy meal on the table when time is in short supply. What I didn’t touch on was how some people THINK they have no time, but really they’re wasting their available time on the boob tube. Talk about a recipe for disastrous health results: lots of sedentary TV watching + lots of no-effort processed food meals. It makes my arteries clog a little just thinking about it…
  • How much is that tomato in the window? More than you think…and they don’t even taste all that good. I don’t think I ever buy Florida tomatoes, but after reading Mark Bittman’s Opinionator on “The True Cost of Tomatoes,” you can bet I’ll be making SURE that I don’t!