Links I Like

Happy first Saturday of Summer! I’ve got lots of gardening, cooking, baking and reading on my weekend agenda. I’m trying a few new recipes that I hope will be worthy of sharing next week. Until then, enjoy these links (a few meaty, the others fun) and have a great weekend!

  • For me, growing as many of my own vegetables as I can is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. I like to know where my food comes from, and that’s extra easy when my food comes from my own backyard. So I was awed and inspired by these mind-blowing photos of the top 5 urban farms in New York City. So much fresh, beautiful produce right in a uber-densely populated urban area! It makes me realize I need to do more than I already am with my quasi-urban backyard plot!
  • Great article about “Why the Body Mass Index is Pretty Stupid” and the crazy madness we can put ourselves through when striving to reach an “ideal” weight. It makes some good points about something I absolutely believe: There is no one healthy diet and no one “right” way to lose weight. Also some good discussion about eating intuitively vs. keeping a food journal.
  • Put down the potato chips. Put them DOWN! A new study from researchers at Harvard University has found that when it comes to keeping your weight in a healthy range, the quality of the food you eat might matter more than the calories themselves. Eating potato chips and soda is associated with weight gain, while eating fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and yogurt was associated with a trimmer waistline.
  • Are “big box” grocery stores the solution to the food desert problem? Perhaps not. Read this article, then discuss amongst yourselves.
  • Finally, an article about my “CSA with benefits” purveyor, Full Circle Farm. Whoo-hoo!