Links I Like

Happy Holiday Weekend! I hope everyone has something fun planned, and that the weather is sunny (if it’s been gray, like here) or mild (if you live in parts where the sun’s been blistering for months). Me? I’m off to the beach! But first, some words about food, for thought:

  • In some ways, “Is Big Food’s ‘Big Money’ Influencing the Science of Nutrition” is not exactly “news,” since it’s well-established that many scientists and doctors have been “bought” in creative ways by Big Pharma. But I’ve read less about this phenomena occurring with junk food manufacturers. This is really a shame, mostly because it contributes to the “I don’t know what to believe” problems. And there are plenty of scientists doing honest research and plenty of doctors who base their recommendations on that honest research.
  • I loved “Six Habits That Can Add Years To Your Life.” I’m a big believer in not just trying to live longer, but to live longer, better and healthier. The six tips are pretty back-to-basics (no magical health-promoting berries or supplements in the bunch), but serve as a great reminder about what’s really important.
  • Ah, to be in NYC next month! I love a good food movie, and to see one of my favorites at MOMA would be amazing. From the list, I’ve seen “Big Night” (I looove Stanley Tucci), “Food, Inc.,” “Mostly Martha,” “Sideways,” “Babette’s Feast” and “Ratatouille.” Six down, five to go.
  • Interesting New York Times article on whether exercising on an empty stomach burns more fat. I admit I do my morning exercise in the fasted state, whether it’s weight lifting, walking, running or yoga. My only exception was when I was training for distance walking events. In that case, I usually ate a small bowl of cereal with banana and milk first. While it’s true I had “fat burning” in the back of my mind, the truth is that I feel better when I exercise on an empty stomach, as long as I am not feeling serious hunger pangs.
  • Do you pâté? I don’t, other than once at a dinner party. Whether pâté is too rich for your wallet or your waistline, or goes against your moral or dietary judgement, you can still enjoy “Pâtés, minus the geese.” I haven’t had a chance to make any of these vegetarian spreads yet, but they all look amazing.