Links I Like

Links are late this week…I was off doing girl things like shoe shopping and getting my hair cut. After walking the dog in the pouring rain. But the sun is shining now, and I hope you are having a nice weekend. Lots of great stories in the world of nutrition and health last week; I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5, but there are others posted on my Nutrition By Carrie Facebook page.

  • The obesity epidemic is complicated, and the issues of assessing “fat fees” is complicated, too. What it seems to come down to is this: Is being obese a “choice” in the same way that using tobacco is a choice. Both are harmful to health, but is obesity a behavior or a disease?
  • Think “fat fees” are controversial? Try the suggestion to take extremely obese children away from their parents. Here’s another opinion from obesity expert David Katz. Here’s the original editorial from the Journal of the American Medical Association.
  • Is it possible to be so obsessed with healthy eating that it becomes…unhealthy? This is a question I’ve pondered often, so I was all over Marion Nestle’s take on the issue.
  • I have regular arguments in my household about whether people choose to eat fatty, sugary junk food, or are driven to eat these foods by impulses they may not be aware of. This article bolsters my belief that, sadly, the latter is true for many people.
  • It saddens me to no end that the Mediterranean diet is being thrown over for burgers and sodas by young people in Mediterranean countries. It parallels what I’ve read about the younger generations of Okanawans, who have adopted a Western/U.S.-style processed food diet and are developing all sorts of health problems in middle age that their parents and grandparents, who still follow the traditional Okanawan diet, don’t have, even though they are decades older.