Links I Like

Happy Saturday! It’s a beautiful morning here in Seattle, and I hope it is equally fine where you are (what we’ve been lacking in heat I know that much of the country has had in excess). Lots of nutrition-and-health news goodness this week, and here’s my picks of the litter:

  • The big nutrition news this week was, of course, McDonald’s announcement that they were giving a slight healthy tweak to their Happy Meals (adding 1/4 cup of apple slices, deleting half the French fries). That spurred a vigorous and not always friendly “debate” among healthy food advocates about whether this was a too-little-too-late PR stunt/preemptive strike (another take on that here) against harsher government regulation or an actual step in the right direction.
  • Should junk food be taxed, and the proceeds used to subsidized vegetables? A great opinion piece by Mark Bittman discusses that very idea. Check out the related timeline of the Standard American Diet.
  • Bittman does it again with his Opinionater piece on “Irradiation and the ‘Ick Factor‘” Interesting, informative and balanced.
  • Would you rather have more low-calorie over-processed food, or less food that’s real and real tasty? Apparently most dieters would go for the first choice: more, more, more.
  • As a supporter of local, healthy, real food, this article about the struggles of the Harvest Table, the Virginia restaurant run by Steven Hopp, husband of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle author Barbara Kingsolver, saddened me. It also made me want to go out to dinner in Virginia.

On Monday, I’ll talk about the final chapter in The Slow Down Diet. Next week, I’m starting in on Jan Chozen Bays’ Mindful Eating.