The Thinker

Reason Number 4,023 why I love exercise: I do some of my best thinking while moving (the rest of my great thinking happens in the shower, naturally).
Why, just this morning as I was lifting weights, in between sets of skullcrushers (triceps) and stability ball rollouts (abs), what might be a fantastic topic for my graduate thesis popped into my head (no, I’m not going tell you what it is).
I try not to think too much while lifting weights (research has shown that you actually have a more effective workout if you focus on the movements you are doing), but sometimes the mind has a mind of its own. Where I usually do my exercise-related thinking is on my walks. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve had a great insight while walking. An idea for a blog post. The perfect approach for an article I’m writing for work. What to make for dinner. How to reverse climate change and achieve world peace. You get the idea.
So even though I’ve been loving yoga lately, and recognize that it has a unique melding of body-mind benefits, it’s important to remember that almost any form of exercise can contribute mental benefits, like a clear head and lowered stress. Our bodies are meant to move, and if we don’t move them, our bodies are not the only thing that will suffer!
Tomorrow, I’m going to talk about a real breakthrough I’ve had recently in mindful eating, as well as a little project I’m planning on doing next week.