Nutritional disconnect

A brief and tardy post today. I tweeted about this article yesterday, but had trouble sharing it to my Facebook page so I’m going to mention it here. If you follow food issues and nutrition, you know that what we should be eating (fruits and vegetables and foods that not processed within an inch of their lives). And the government agrees (according to MyPlate and MyPyramid before that). Or do they? 
Because the food stuffs that get big government support from federal subsidies are “commodity crops” like corn and soy that are the backbones of most ultra-processed foods (think fast food and junk food), as well as food for industrial meat animals that spend most of their lives in squalid feedlot conditions. 
The Washington Post article “U.S. touts fruit and vegetables while subsidizing animals that become meat” does a nice job with this issue. I’m going to leave it at that, and encourage you to read the article yourself!