Secondhand love

I spent last weekend in Oregon with my family (Jeff and Dug tagged along, too), and came home with some more great hand-me-downs. I’ve been on a Pyrex kick for the last few years, and while I haven’t acquired much of it, I’m always on the lookout for good-condition pieces for a good price at garage and estate sales. These beauties followed me home, along with a few handy little Corningware dishes with lids. I’m not sure why Pyrex and Corningware have such an appeal for me now, but it’s just something about their classic, retro good looks, their no-frills functionality and the fact that they have stood the test of time.

Considering that I am a childhood survivor of the avocado green era in home decor (gotta love the ’70s), I was a little surprised that my heart went pitter-pat when I first saw these bowls. Then again, I never thought I would like Brussels sprouts, cooked greens or green smoothies, and those are now among my favorite foods. Just goes to show that you should never say “never.”

I jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon almost two years ago, and they regularly find their way into my breakfast rotation. Now that we’re home from the holidays, and I’m 100% in charge of feeding myself, I’m craving veggies anyway I can get them, including in smoothies. I usually add one ounce of pulverized greens to a smoothie, which is about half of a decent-sized green salad. Fortunately, a great big gorgeous bunch of green kale was dropped on my doorstep bright and early yesterday morning. I’d canceled my Full Circle produce delivery the previous two weeks, since we were barely home, so it was kind of like Christmas all over again to see that familiar sturdy box when I opened my door. Even better, my next four-or-so boxes are free, thanks to a blogger promotion Full Circle invited me to participate in.

This time of year, not everything in the box is local, but it is organic. In this way, Full Circle is not a “pure” CSA like many people think of. But it’s Full Circle’s “green grocer” functionality that made me decide to sign up for their service several months ago, anticipating the day when grocery shopping would become a major time burden. Indeed, my weekly Full Circle box was a major time-saver during the past school term! I’m able to stock up on pantry and freezer staples between terms, but fresh fruits and veggies don’t have a three-month shelf life!

The non-local green zucchini was actually a welcome treat (ironic, since not too many months ago I was crying “enough” at the squash pouring out of my own garden), and I did a simple saute last night with a thinly sliced red onion and the mushrooms I specifically requested in the box. Served up alongside a grilled grass-fed burger from our annual beef share and some of Jeff’s home-canned dill pickles, it was quick, easy, nutritious comfort food.

I had intended to do some more elaborate cooking this week, but then I decided I needed to so some kitchen reorganization to make our small space more efficient and reflect how we actually use the kitchen, instead of how we would like to use the kitchen (i.e., I do a lot more salad making and a lot less baking than you would think, based on what we have out on our countertops). I’ll take and post some photos when the project is done this weekend.