Some new favorite things

Aren’t these cute? I think I broke the maximum allowable per-person usage of the word “cute” when I was unwrapping them during early-Christmas-with-the-inlaws last weekend. (I’m not sure I’d been that excited at Christmas since the year I received my first iPod from Jeff. It was the special edition U2 iPod, and I am a U2 superfan, so I’ll let you imagine how that scene played out.) When I unwrapped the first one, I thought it was a set of espresso cups, but they are measuring cups. From Anthropologie. As is this adorable little number:
In case you were concerned, I did receive another cookbook for my collection:
This is indeed a most welcome and useful addition, since I vetted it thoroughly when I borrowed it from the library at the end of last summer. Some really, really good recipes that I plan to make repeatedly. I also got some pretty red glass plates that my mother-in-law wasn’t using anymore:
She didn’t wrap them and put them under the tree, of course, she just asked me if I wanted them. I love good hand-me-downs! I specifically love the color red and small plates, so I am quite thrilled to give these little jewels a new home.