Links I Like

TGIF! I’ve got big plans for this long holiday weekend…writing a few papers, taking some long dogwalks and watching a movie or two. I managed to keep up with about half of the 5 million health-and-nutrition e-mail newsletters and updates I get. I’ve cherry-picked a few of my favorite bits to share with you:
  • Ditch the sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs)! A decent-sized clinical trial found that people who cut out sugary beverages were more likely to lose enough weight (about 5 percent of starting weight) to see real health benefits.
  • Would you take a smaller portion of restaurant food (for the same price) if it was offered to you? I would…and so would other people, apparently. I don’t eat in restaurants too often (too busy, and food I make myself is healthier), but I would love the option to be served less food so I don’t have to play the “How much of this too-large portion will I let myself eat” game. I often ask for no rice in Thai restaurants, even though I don’t get a discount for it.
  • CNN has been running a series on childhood obesity, a topic that is vitally important. The best chance of reversing the obesity epidemic may well be by intervening in childhood, before obese youth settle into obese adult bodies, when lasting change is more difficult. There are articles on Georgia’s child obesity ads, obese children outgrowing furniture and clothing, and why it’s hard for kids to lose weight.
  • Fast-foodified Indian food? Not sure how I feel about that, because I LOVE Indian food. But I also like Chipotle, and this is supposed to be the “Chipotle of Indian food” so…I’m still not sure how I feel about that.
  • More applause for the Mediterranean Diet. Long been known as a heart-healthy way to eat, results of a new study suggest that it may protect against blood vessel damage…which can reduce your risk of stroke. Here’s a little video about the news:

Have a great weekend!