Foodie Fun Day

Allow me to take off my nutrition hat and put on my foodie hat for a moment. Usually, these hats are one and the same, since I love healthy food, but yesterday a bunch of my fellow nutrition students and I went on a bit of a “nutrition bender” as a little treat before finals week. It’s Dine Around Seattle time, when a selection of local restaurants offer special three-course lunch and/or dinner menus. It’s a great chance to try new-to-you restaurants, and I had been wanting to go to Local 360 ever since sampling their bacon-wrapped rabbit saddle morsels at Foodportunity last month.

It took me about two seconds to decide to order their Chicken and Waffle entree. It’s a combo I’ve wanted to try for, more than a decade, ever since Jeff went to Roscoe’s House of Chicken ‘n Waffles in SoCal. Prior to that, I had not known such a dish existed!

Well, let me waste no more words: It was insanely delicious. (Sorry for the bad photo quality…it was a chilly but very sunny day in Seattle yesterday, and the sun coming through the windows was quite bright when our entrees arrived.) In truth, it was too filling (it would be a great entree to share), but I ate it all. It was that good. I so seldom dine out, that I don’t feel bad about indulging a bit when I do. To be fair, I chose a simple mixed-greens salad as my starter course.

(When I say I rarely dine out, I mean it…that includes sit-down restaurants as well as things like grabbing a quick to-go meal. We went out for my birthday in January, and since then I’ve grabbed a few salads at Whole Foods, bought soup from a school dining hall once…and we did go out for coffee and a pastry one weekend morning).

That said, I was glad they accidentally brought me the chocolate pudding for dessert instead of the apple fritters that I had ordered at the last minute (along with most of the rest of the table). That would have been a lot of fried food!

The pudding was dense and creamy, and sprinkled with a bit of medium-grind sea salt. Yummy! But boy was I glad I had to do a bit of walking before catching light rail back home. And vegetables tasted really good for dinner!