Links I Like

Happy Friday! Since my spring break was filled with relative leisure (i.e., work instead of school + work), I had a chance to keep up with my Twitter feed. Which means lots of linky goodness!
  • I have never taken the elevator in the sprawling, massive Health Science building (seriously…it’s so big that it has it’s own Wikipedia page). Not when I had a raging cold. Not when my book bag felt like it weighed 100 pounds. Not after I broke my little toe (which is still healing). Why? It’s not because the building has pretty stairwells (it doesn’t), it’s because the little day-to-day choices we make add up. It’s stairs vs. elevators, baby. That’s also why I choose to ride a bus that drops me across campus, instead of the one that comes practically to the door of my building.
  • Are corn syrup and sugar essentially the same? Yes and no. However, the bigger picture is that most people consume too many caloric sweeteners, period. That includes corn syrup and sugar. As this ABC News article says, “Many nutritionists have said the difference is just semantics and would prefer people eat less of the sweet stuff altogether.” Amen to that!
  • Talk about nutritional Trojan horses: Here’s a nice Washington Post piece about five so-called “health foods” that are not. Avoid! Avoid!
  • Marion Nestle. Love her! Here’s a nice Civil Eats interview with her about her new book, Why Calories Count.
  • OK, you kitchen DIYers…this NPR post’s for you! In the interest of full disclosure, I must admit that I drooled on my keyboard a little while reading it…
Have a great weekend! I don’t have a Seattle Times column this Sunday, but I do have one ready to go for April 1, in case you’re curious (and, no, that’s not an early April Fools joke). The new season of Mad Men starts this Sunday. The perfect spring break finale!