Links I Like

Happy Friday! I’ve survived my first week back at school, and have my game plan for tackling the rest of it. That means busy weekends from now until the end of time December 2013, but I’m pretty used to that by now. Some great linkage this week. Some I’ve already shared on the Nutrition by Carrie Facebook page (which I encourage you to “like,” if you haven’t already. And now, here’s a few that I’ve saved up:

  • If you often find yourself doing the kind of sketchy mental math that tells you walking the dog = big cinnamon roll, here’s a little reality check that tells you how much you need to exercise to balance out certain treats.
  • How to get your kids to eat their Brussels sprouts (literally and metaphorically).
  • Is capitalism to blame for the now-global obesity epidemic? An interesting idea, and the fact that the author invokes one of my favorite topics, epigenetics, doesn’t hurt.
  • Since when does freedom of speech include freedom to market junk food to kids, and to film them without parental permission? Good Opinionator piece from Mark Bittman.
  • More from the New York Times. You’ve surely heard the news that intake of red meat is associated with heart disease and cancer (to which I question: what about grass-fed beef?). Here’s former restaurant critic Frank Bruni’s take on what it’s like to cut way, way back on beef…because of gout.
That’s it for now. Have a great weekend. A little reminder that I have a column slated to run in The Seattle Times on Sunday. I’ll post a link once it appears online. And, oh yeah…to go with the links I like, here’s a video I like. Jon Stewart takes on pink slime: