The Road to RDville: Round 3

Today marks the start of my third term of grad school (University of Washington is on a trimester system, for those of you who are used to thinking in terms of semesters). I can hardly believe how fast the time has gone. It feels like just yesterday I was going through new student orientation, and feels like just the day before yesterday that I was starting my two years of science prerequisites and thinking “I hope I make it into grad school on the first try.”

This term I start digging into some of the coursework I specifically need to become a Registered Dietitian, Nutrition Education Principles and Practice, plus Nutrition Counseling for Chronic Disease. As part of my Nutritional Sciences core curriculum, I have my third term of Nutrition and Metabolism, which will focus on vitamins and minerals, plus Nutrition and Chronic Disease. I also have Society and Health as one of my School of Public Health requirements.
Some meaty classes, which are accompanied by some meaty textbooks:
I have a few more books on the way, Nutritional Epidemiology, Marketing Nutrition and Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism. Books I’ve actually been coveting for a while, but I’m weird that way.

I wish I’d had two weeks off instead of just one, but, you know, “if wishes were horses” and all that. I didn’t do as much relaxing as I’d hoped, but the week turned out to be extremely productive and unexpectedly fruitful, which is probably more important in the long run.