The Road to RDville: Disappearing act

Hmmm…I went a bit MIA, didn’t I. Final exams will do that. I should have just planned a brief hiatus and announced it in advance. I’m so bad about that.
I can’t quite believe I’m done with my second term of grad school. It seems like just yesterday I was starting my two years of science prerequisites and grad school seemed like eons away. Where does the time go?
Two things I know for sure:
  1. I am never writing another paper about cows. Last term, I wrote papers about the fatty acid profiles of grass-fed beef vs. grain-fed beef, antibiotic resistance and confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs), and raw milk regulation. I didn’t set out to write about three cow-related topics, but it just sort of happened. You would think I was in veterinary school, instead of nutriton school.
  2. I am really excited for next term (yes, even though I’m only a day into spring break). I’ll finally be getting into some of the more “practical” coursework like nutrition education, nutrition counseling and nutrition and chronic disease.
I have a “working” spring break planned with, well, work, plus some work on my future thesis project, and of course, blogging! I’ll have a links post up tomorrow, and I’ll have some big news to announce on Sunday! Big news!