Links I Like

Happy Friday. I’m looking forward to a sunny, pleasantly warm (mid-60s) weekend here in Seattle. That won’t excuse me from hitting the books, but it’s nice to be able to open the windows and let the fresh air in. Did anyone watch “The Office” last night? Here’s a recap of a priceless bit of dialog from Kevin, who is apparently not a fan of carrot cake:

“This cake has vegetables in it…like a salad bar, Robert! How do I get this taste out of my mouth?” 

Hee! Here’s a sampling of the nutrition-related links I liked (or didn’t like, in a few cases) this week:

  • Finally…tighter rules on use of antibiotics in livestock. I like to think that this is a direct result of the awesome paper and PowerPoint presentation I wrote with three of my fellow nutrition students in our environmental health class last term, but that’s probably not the case. 
  • But then there’s this: Deplorable living conditions for laying hens. I almost cried when I read the part about 11 hens being crammed into a 2×2-foot cage. I have three hens who spend their days in a 4×8-foot run, and they sleep and lay eggs in a 4×3-foot henhouse. I would love to give them even more room.
  • On a brighter note, this Foodie Underground article on kale made me nod, smile and then laugh when I got to the “Love kale? You probably listen to NPR” part. Because I do.
  • Attention parents: Need advice on getting your kids to eat green veggies? This Washington Post article has some good tips. (P.S. I’ll be talking about the nutritional glories of dark, leafy greens in my Seattle Times column this Sunday.
  • Considering going on the latest fad diet? Read this before wasting your time (and probably your money).
  • Finally, I’m going to share a video that annoyed me this week. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine was a bit irresponsible, in my opinion, by putting out this rather rude, heavy-handed promotion for a vegan diet. A vegan diet can be a healthy diet, absolutely, but so can a non-vegan diet that includes tons of vegetables and fruits and a healthy balance of other foods. And no single healthful diet has a guaranteed lock on a trim physique…it is possible to gain weight by eating too many calories of nutritious foods.

Have a great weekend!