Links I Like

It’s Friday again? How does that happen? Time is going by waaay too quickly! Lots of good nutrition-related news this past week, and here are some highlights:

  • OK, this looks interesting! Great column by Frank Bruni about the soon-to-be-released book “Weight of the Nation” and the companion four-part HBO documentary. “Our current circumstances and our current circumferences may in fact be a toxically perfect fit.”
  • In case you’re not sensing a theme with these links, here’s another plum pick from the NY Times: “Do We Need More Advice About Eating Well?
  • Four good reasons why you need to be careful when reading nutrition labels.
  • Why does U.S. fast food make you thirsty? Saltapalooza!
  • If you enjoy podcasts, here’s a good “Straight, No Chaser” episode from Heritage Radio featuring Marion Nestle talking about why calories do count.
Have a great weekend. I’m off to a dietetics conference the early part of next week, which I hope will give me some good stuff to blog about.