Links I Like

Happy Friday. Links are a bit late, but, hey, it’s Friday!

  • This was another one of those times when I’m really-super-extra-glad that I’m able to buy my beef 1/4 of a steer at at time, grass-fed, from a local family farm. News of mad cow disease within our borders is naturally alarming (and it should be), but it’s always good to be able to wrap your head around exactly how much alarm is warranted. NPR is good and sensible in that way.
  • I’m a superfan of fresh vegetables, but I know that sometimes these aren’t the most affordable or practical options for everyone. When fresh isn’t best (for you), frozen and canned veggies fit the bill (do try to avoid frozen veggies with sauces or canned vegetables with a lot of sodium). This article in Today’s Dietitian explains further.
  • For more on seasonal produce, check out a little article I wrote for The Seattle Times a few weeks ago (I think it appeared online only…and the fact that I don’t know for sure tells you how many irons I have in the fire right now!).
  • Confused about cooking oils? Which to use for salads? What to use for cooking? Where to get healthy omega-3 fatty acids? Stop scratching your head and furrowing your brow and check out this handy PDF chart.
  • Finally, just to show that almost anything is better when it’s barbecued:
Have a great weekend, and if you’re in the greater Seattle area, be sure to pick up The Seattle Times on Sunday to read my latest On Nutrition column on the Mediterranean diet (it’s on page H5).