Links I Like

Happy Friday…and happy holiday weekend! I’ll be spending my time working on a grueling take-home final for my Nutrition and Metabolism class, so think of me chained to my computer while you enjoy your Memorial Day barbecue. I jest…partly. The weather is supposed to be lovely Saturday and Sunday in Seattle (sunny and 70), and we have plans to slow-barbecue a pork shoulder. Saturday will probably mean breakfast out (a rarity!) and a trip to one of my favorite places to shop for produce, Uwajimaya. Yes, dear readers, I live on the edge. And now…links!

  • Is trying to eat healthy harder than doing your taxes? Apparently a lot of people think so. I, myself have not done my own taxes since the 1990s, so I can’t comment.
  • It irritates me when a food claims it can treat or prevent mutifaceted diseases like heart disease, cancer or diabetes (it’s a little different if, say, a food high in vitamin C is touted as preventing scurvy, which is actually caused by lack of vitamin C). One of the leading pomegranate juice manufacturers got spanked (metaphorically) by a judge for claiming its product can prevent and treat heart disease and prostate cancer. For shame!
  • Why reading fiction can make you a better cook. Yes! Like Water for Chocolate comes immediately to mind…but so does Anne of Green Gables. This reminds me that I need to read more fiction…thank goodness summer is nearly here.
  • Do coffee drinkers live longer? I hope so…as does most of Seattle, for sure.
  • Finally, a link of my own, to an article I wrote for last Sunday’s Seattle Times on the Smash Your Food app and the woman behind it.

I have a new On Nutrition column coming out this Sunday, and I really plan to type up and post the recipes from last weekend’s mini-cooking extravaganza. Until then, have a great weekend!