The Road to RDville: Med Again

Hey, did you know it’s Mediterranean Diet Month? I admit that I did not, until I got an e-mail about it from Oldways, a non-profit food and nutrition organization that promotes “heritage” diets. They saw my Mediterranean diet column in The Seattle Times and thought I’d be interested. And I am! 
Oldways is often known for their heritage diet pyramids, which include Mediterranean, Latin-American, Asian, African-American and Vegetarian pyramids. (You can find those, plus lots of other downloadable brochures and information here.) Every day this month, the Oldways Table Blog is featuring a “Dietitian a Day,” each with a personal take on the Mediterranean diet, plus a tasty Mediterranean-inspired recipe. I’ll be excited to see what Ellie Krieger comes up with (she wraps up the month on May 31). I have one of her cookbooks and really enjoy it.
I’ve been a fan of Oldways and their heritage food pyramids for some time, although I hadn’t visited their website for quite some time (I find it ironic that I’m so busy studying nutrition that I have trouble keeping up with some of my favorite non-school nutrition resources…you should see the stack of non-textbooks that are piling up on my desk), and they revamped it while I was away. It’s a great-looking site with tons of good information for anyone who eats Mediterranean, or is considering it.