Greetings from Las Vegas: Arrival

I’m in Las Vegas for the Institute of Food Technologists annual convention. That might sound sort of odd, since I’m not studying food technology, but there is a “Food and Nutrition” scientific track. Plus, I’m here for free, thanks to a grant from a UW alumni. Extra exciting! We got in last night in time for a late dinner.
No, I did not eat an 8-pound burger. Or drink beer from a boot. But the very notion made me laugh a little…before it made me cry. I hope this menu item is for entertainment purposes, at least in practice. I did eat this salad: 
Tasty! We did a lot of walking, too, as is our usual MO when in Vegas. Today’s sessions were a keynote address from Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, a panel on the food industry’s role in childhood obesity, and another panel on endothelial function (the endothelium is the lining of all of your blood vessels) and the role of certain dietary components. Good stuff…which I’ll talk about more in tomorrow’s post.