Links I like

Happy Friday! I had a great week of cooking and catching up on projects, and I’m looking forward to doing some serious gardening this weekend. I hope you have something fun and/or interesting planned, too. Here are some of my favorite links from the past week:

  • I love my grass-fed beef, but I also like to vary my protein choices. Unfortunately, I don’t think a study will ever be done that clears up the big question in my mind about whether the observed health risks of red meat are due to red meat itself, or simply the type of red meat most people in this country eat (i.e., industrially raised feed lot beef). Nevertheless, variety is good, and this Harvard Health Blog article gives you six healthy options.
  • Do you love your gut? You should…because it’s full of trillions of little critters (i.e., good bacteria) who help keep you healthy. Great article from my favorite NY Times science writer Gina Kolata on why our microbial biomass is getting more and more scientific cred. Yes, Virginia…not all bacteria are bad bacteria. (If you can’t get enough of gut bacteria news, here’s another good article in Businessweek, of all places.)
  • A new twist on eating local: The 1812 diet.
  • Cooking Moroccan food is on my summer fun to-do list, so I loved this NPR “The Salt” blog post about harissa.
  • If you make a point of buying local beef from a small ranch, you probably care about how the animals are raised and cared for. So why stress them out by trucking them long-distance to slaughter. My ranchers use a mobile slaughter truck, but I was happy to read another great The Salt post on how some small-scale producers are improving what “local” means.

Have a great weekend! And, if you’re a dad, Happy Father’s Day!