A mini vacation

To celebrate being almost done with my first year of grad school (I have one more assignment to turn in), Jeff and I flew to LA for the day. It was a much needed change of scenery and change of mental pace. After three months of a more-intense-than-usual schedule of staring at a computer screen, or lecture slides, or a textbook, or scientific journal articles, it was slightly thrilling to make it through two issues of Vogue on the plane (one coming, one going). Brain candy!
With no luggage, we were free to walk right off the plane, hop on a bus, and head to Venice Beach:

Then we walked to Santa Monica:

Where we went to the Saturday farmers’ market and bought (and promptly devoured) the best strawberries ever in the history of strawberries!

And some amazing local pistachios. (These came home with us…they were not devoured on the spot!)
The Southern California agricultural bounty is on a different schedule than that of the Seattle area, so we had lots of fun looking at things we aren’t seeing up here yet (or ever) like piles of citrus!
Lunch was on the agenda, too. Mexican, naturally. At La Sandia. We started with fantastic chips and salsa, which we rarely have anymore, so that was a total treat.
We also had amazing pork carnitas, but the photo didn’t turn out. I was wearing my trusty grey Converse (the same pair I walked all over Buenos Aires in over three years ago…those things just don’t wear out), so I had to snap a photo of this window display in the Converse store.
It was a great day away!