The Road to RDville: Return of the foodie

Done, and done. I just submitted my last assignment, which brings spring term (and my first full academic year) of grad school to a close. Not that I get to relax…yet. 
June is a busy, busy, busy month. I have some work for my thesis that I have to have done by the end of the month, and I have my regular paid work, plus my Seattle Times column. I have my first nutrition-related speaking engagement in a few weeks, and I’m working on a few school-related projects. Which is OK, because everything I’m doing is fun, interesting and fulfilling. Not that school isn’t fun, interesting and fulfilling most of the time (it is!) but there are always a class you’re taking  or a few assignments that you’re doing only because you have to.
I do have a month-long class starting in a few weeks. Food management, which I suspect will fall more in the “have to” and less in the “fun and fulfilling” category. C’est la vie. Later this summer, I have what looks to be a quite interesting three-week internship (part of the total nine months of supervised experience that I’ll have under my belt before I can graduate and sit for the Registered Dietitian exam). I’ll talk more about that when I’m actually doing it.
But first, there’s food. And I mean food in the “foodie” sense, not just in the “nutritious sustenance” sense, which has pretty much been my food world for the last several months. Again, c’est la vie. First up is something I’m really, really excited about: the BlogHer Food conference. It’s right here in Seattle this year, which made it a no-brainer about whether I was going to attend or not (although I had pretty much decided to go even before I knew it was here this year). There’s also some conference-related foodie extracurriculars I’ve been invited to that will add to the fun. So that’s what I’ll be blogging about this weekend.
BlogHer Food is the first of four conferences I’m going to this summer and fall. I love conferences…I am such a conference geek. It’s such a relaxed learning environment compared to school. Plus you get to meet new people and usually see new places. Layers upon layers of fun!