Links I Like

Happy Tuesday. I’ve been out of commission the last handful of days, and it’s NOT because I had too much fun while I was at my Las Vegas convention. I did have fun, but just the right amount.
No, I had a ton of deadlines for various projects that came due last weekend, so that was top priority. In the meantime, the nutrition news kept rolling in, so I’m going to get a bit caught up with a links post:
  • Women, if you are obese and feel stigmatized, don’t expect it to totally let up once you lose weight. Personally, I believe that losing weight and keeping it off is harder than being “naturally” at a healthy weight, so anyone that can say “I used to be obese, but that was a long time ago” deserves a prize. Just goes to show that a lot of people view obesity as a personal failing rather than a complex health condition with many genetic, biochemical and physiological variables that can easily rear their ugly heads in our modern “anything you want, anytime you want it” food environment.
  • Speaking of body weight…more props for a Mediterranean-style diet when it comes to weight loss, in part because it happens to be low-glycemic.
  • Mmmmmm…Indian food. One of my favorite ways to eat meatless!
  • As a testament to how many balls I’ve been juggling lately, I completely forgot to post a link to my most recent nutrition column in The Seattle Times (it ran June 24), on how “Food is good medicine.”

Hope everyone’s having a good week!