Links I Like

Happy Bastille Day! Late links this week. Time got away from me!

  • Do you regularly skip meals? Pay attention to what you eat when you next eat. A small-but-interesting study from Cornell University’s food lab found that people tend to turn to high-calorie foods (and not to nutrient-packed, low-calorie vegetables) when they finally get to eat again.
  • A nice little National Institutes of Health article on why vegetarians and flexitarians have got it goin’ on.
  • Beyond the Dirty Dozen: Fourteen foods you should buy organic.
  • An interesting NY Times “Opinionator” piece from Mark Bittman on why milk isn’t for everyone.
  • In other beverage news, a nice article on NPR’s “The Salt” on why a glass of nightly wine might protect women’s bones.
  • If you’re trying to keep sugar out of your beverages (and food), here’s are some tips on demystifying food labels.
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