Links I Like

Happy Friday! I hope you have something fun or interesting planned. I’m gearing up to be a judge in the “Hope Heart Rite Bite” competition at this weekend’s annual Bite of Seattle. This year, in order to offer Bite of Seattle eaters some healthier options, participating restaurants can offer a Right Bite option on their menu. I’ll be tasting and taking notes and helping decide who has the “Best Right Bite.” 
It’s a great idea. To be honest, I’ve avoided some festivals because I’m on the fence about going, then I factor in the fact that I won’t be able to find anything that I want to eat, and that tips the scales to “I’ll just stay home.” I recently became a volunteer with Hope Heart Institute, so I was happy to agree to be a judge to support this move toward healthier festival fare! And now, this week’s favorite links:
  • I saw this New York Times article on “Coping with Summer’s Bounty of Vegetables” (aka Raw Panic) right after I finished writing yesterday’s post about my feelings about my weekly produce delivery. Perfect timing. I’ve seen this guilt over letting perfect summer produce go bad before it gets used actually stop people from buying fresh vegetables (!), which is a shame, because having a simple plan avoids waste and fills the fridge with ready-to-use nutritional goodness.
  • Now, when you are trying to encourage your kids to eat those vegetables, smile while you eat yours!
  • What’s in your grocery cart? I hear a lot of back and forth debate about how people spend their food dollars (restaurant vs. grocery store) and where they tend to eat (home or away from home). As I suspected, the increase in food dollars spent at the grocery store is not translating to a lot more home cooking, it’s simply generating more use of the microwave.
  • Finally, many people keep hoping for a “magic bullet” to cure their weight loss woes. In reality, what really works (for most people) are simple behaviors that you can’t cram in a pill or deliver via medical procedure. Food journaling, eating at home and not skipping meals.
My latest On Nutrition column will be in this Sunday’s Seattle Times. It’s on prebiotics, probiotics and our intestinal microbiome. I’ll post a little something tomorrow about my experience as a Right Bite Judge. Have a great weekend!