Links I Like

Happy Friday! And Happy105th Birthday, Pike Place Market! I need to try to fight my way through this blistering 90-degree heat to get down there today (yes, I’m a heat wimp). Naturally, we get the hottest days of the summer once I no longer have the refuge of an air-conditioned office (from my internship). C’est la vie. At least the temperature was perfect this morning around sunrise as I went for a loooong walk along Lake Washington. And now, on with the links!
  • I love a good smoothie, made with nutritious ingredients. I stumbled upon this “Build a Better Smoothie” article on that gave me a few ideas. Maybe you’ll get some new ideas, too. I appreciate how they advise against relying on fruit juice as the liquid portion, suggesting diluting it with (unsweetened) coconut water if you do choose to use it.
  • In case you are still under the long-held impression that yo-yo dieting messes up your metabolism, the good news is that it doesn’t, according to research done right here in Seattle by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Now, yo-yo dieting may mess with self-esteem and require a wardrobe that spans several sizes, but those are separate issues. The bottom line is if you have lost and regained weight in the past, and you want to try losing weight again, you don’t have to worry that you are harming yourself…provided that you lose weight in a healthful way, of course.
  • I’ve been toying with getting a Fitbit to replace the gignormous pedometer I got free last time I did a workplace fitness challenge. (That thing is the pedometer equivalent of clunky white sneakers.) I’m still on the fence, so I read with interest Tom Venuto’s review of the tiny device. As part of his review, he included quite a nice overview of NEAT (non exercise activity thermogenesis) and why it’s important to not sit on your butt for several hours a day, even if you do hit the gym or otherwise get regular “formal” exercise. And then there’s the formal review, and then more about NEAT and whether wearing a pedometer actually makes you move more. I think I know what’s going on my Christmas list.

That’s it for now. I’m looking forward to temperatures returning to the mid-70s this weekend. Now that’s a Seattle summer!