Links I Like

Happy Friday! I am…happy to not be traveling this weekend. It means I can catch up on laundry, cook a roast and settle into my schedule for the new school term. I’m also checking out a project on nutrition and fertility that I hope I will be able to turn into my MPH practicum. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, here are some juicy links:
  • This Wall Street Journal article (“The Peak Time for Everything“)isn’t nutrition-related, but it does have to do with generally feeling your best and honoring your body’s natural energy fluctuations, which is important! I find that I’m a more productive writer mid-morning, and exercise feels easier at certain times of day. I bet you’ve noticed similar things about yourself.
  • I’ve expressed my love of kale so often, and so strongly (I mean, I even have the T-shirt), that I’ve been called the “Kale Lady.” Well, my love is not without reason, as the Washington Post article “Eat Your Kale” nicely points out.
  • Yes! The Chicago Tribune article “Beware of Organic Junk Food” read my mind! It has some great tips for shopping organically, healthfully and smartly.
  • Talking to kids about weight can be tricky. If its becoming a health concern, you don’t want to ignore it, but handling it wrong can damage self-esteem and emotional health, and possibly set the stage for a lifetime of disordered eating. The free e-book “Weigh In: Talking to your children about weight + health” from the STOP Obesity Alliance and Alliance for a Healthier Generation offers some good ideas for handling these delicate conversations.
  • Trying to make the nutritious choice more often? You’ll find some useful tips in the Washington Post article “Bad Eating Habits Can Be Corrected By Using the Right Workarounds.”
Have a great weekend!