Links I like

Happy Friday! After a week of a virtual news blackout (vacation-related), it was nice to catch up on some of what I missed. Here are a few of the stories that caught my eye:

  • I exercise regularly for a lot of reasons. One is because I don’t ever want to have heart disease. Another is because being physically active makes me feel better every day. Looks like that second reason may be the more compelling one.
  • A nice New York Times Well Blog piece, “When the Mango Bites Back” that talks about foodborne illness and what our healthy intestinal microflora can and can’t do to battle the bad bugs.
  • I wrote a paper last year on the devastating Listeria outbreak from cantaloupe contaminated in the packing house at Colorado’s Jensen Farms. Now, there’s an outbreak of Salmonella from contaminated cantaloupe in Indiana. I’d like to take a moment to stage a little public service announcement: Melon rinds, especially “netted” rinds like those on cantaloupe, can harbor all kinds of bacteria. If your melon happens to be contaminated, and you cut through it with a knife, the cut surfaces of the fruit will become contaminated. Please, please, please always wash melons and other similar fruit before you cut into them. Thank you for listening. 
  •  The Washington Post article “Vitamin D: Something You’re Likely to Lack” does a good job of summing up the current debate on how much vitamin D we need, including why one level may not be right for everyone and what research still needs to be done.
  • An interesting article on the human microbiome (“Me, myself, us“) in, of all places, The Economist.

Have a great weekend!