The Road to RDville: Back to School

Happy Monday. I can’t believe I’m starting my second year of grad school today. (I also don’t know where my summer went…have you seen it?) 
It seems like it was 10 years ago and it seems like it was yesterday that I was heading off to my morning biostatistics class. No biostats this year. I’m taking Maternal and Infant Nutrition, Nutrition in Acute Care, Nutrition Research Design and a preparatory seminar for my upcoming supervised practice experience.
I’m fresh back from an a-mazing three-day workshop at Be Nourished in Portland. It was a day-and-a-half of “Health at Every Size in Clinical Practice” and another day-and-a-half of “What Motivates Change? Translating Theory Into Practice.” Amazing and transformative. I will be referring to both of these topics in future blog posts, for sure.
I had some great meals while in PDX. I’ll give a synopsis tomorrow.