Links I Like

Happy Friday! I am happy to say that I’m feeling much more grounded this week. My first three weeks of school were bookended by travel for workshops and conferences, with the requisite unpacking, planning and repacking in between. Too much! With a bit more breathing room, I actually had a chance to ferret out some interesting links this week:

  • The long article “The Chronic Disease Food Remedy” in the October issue of Food Technology magazine had me on page 4, with these beautiful words; “Hence, the solution to cancer, obesity, and other chronic diseases, pursued for decades in research laboratories around the world, may be in the produce aisle.” I concur.
  • There is a school of (public health) thought that lays much of the blame for rising rates of obesity and certain chronic diseases on the fact that, in this country and many others, the unhealthy choice is the easier choice. Fast food and processed heat-and-eat foods are readily available. Elevators and escalators are front and center, but you sometimes have to look hard for the stairs. Driving everywhere is more tempting if mass transit options are less-than reliable. The solution may be to make it so that we can make the healthy choice without even thinking about it.
  • I work hard to get a solid 7-7.5 hours of sleep on weeknights. Since I would prefer 8 hours, I play a little catch-up on the weekend.  Not only does that make me feel better, I know it’s better for my health. To wit, this article on how “Too little sleep plays havoc with fat cells.”
  • Ever wonder why certain foods taste great together? Me, too. That’s why I enjoyed “The Chemistry Behind Great Food Pairings” in the New York Times. Good chemistry…important in relationships, important in food!
  • Wednesday (October 24) marks the second annual Food Day…are you planning to celebrate. If  you need some ideas, Ellie Krieger has a few for you.
Fall is in full force here in Seattle. Other than school work (and paid work) my weekend plans include cooking a hearty beef stew (the first of the season) and making some whole-grain pumpkin bread with part of my recently acquired horde of canned pumpkin. Bon appetit…and have a great weekend!