Links I Like

Happy Friday! Once again, I don’t now how another week slipped by so quickly. Other than staying bundled up (the high temps in Seattle are barely above 50 degrees), my weekend plans include helping teach a Food for Fertility class and, you guessed it, studying. There will be some good food in there somewhere, too. Salmon’s on sale at Whole Foods, and there was a discussion of making a crockpot batch of Asian-style short ribs. And maybe I’ll get around to making the pumpkin bread I never got to last weekend. In the meantime…links!

  • Do you get fed up with reading food labels? You’re not alone…there’s a lot of information there, and sometimes it can feel like TMI. I liked this Washington Post article, “A quick-read nutrition label? It’s out there.”
  • Confused about functional foods? Like…what are they? There’s a nice overview on The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics website.
  • Do you tend to freak out a bit when you read alarming health or nutrition news (for example, the “eat this food or take this drug and you will DIE!” variety)? It’s sad but true that a lot of this time of news gets blown all out of proportion by the mainstream media. How lovely then that one such media outlet, The Washington Post, published an article explaining how to put sensational stories into their proper perspective.
  • Some food for thought (or beverage for thought?) about regulation vs. education to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage consumption in Jane Brody’s New York Times column, “In fight against obesity, drink sizes matter.”
  • Finally…vindication! After having my first peanut-butter-and-pickle sandwich this summer at The Bite of Seattle, I raved about its deliciousness to anyone who would listen. A few people responded with “That’s gross” or “You’re crazy.” Not according to this New York Times article: “Peanut butter takes on an unlikely best friend.” Too bad the bulk of the U.S. peanut butter supply has apparently been recalled.[Sigh.]

That’s it for now. I have an On Nutrition column coming out in Sunday’s Seattle Times (Monday in the online edition). The topic? How to deal with food pushers. Just in time to help you deal with all those office coworkers who bring their leftover Halloween candy to work!
Have a great weekend!