The Road to RDville: Old and new

Happy Monday! I have one week of Year 2 of grad school under my belt, and suffice to say that it was both comfortable and unsettling.
Comfortable: Unlike this time last year, I don’t get lost on campus. I also know all of my fellow students quite well, which brings an ease thinks like forming groups to work on team projects. Also, I survived Year 1, so I know I can take whatever gets thrown at me this year!
Unsettling: Last year involved volumes and volumes of reading. It was a grind at times, but there was a certain steadiness to it. This year, it’s more about case studies (i.e., here’s some information about a patient…what would you do with them?) and things like calculating calorie, nutrient and fluid needs of very sick or injured people. There’s a lot of gray area, a lot of room for interpretation. I know will get much easier with clinical experience, but that’s not something we have yet. When you get so used to aiming for the “right answer,” it can be quite the mental adjustment to be in a place where there is no one right answer.
I had a great time this weekend assisting one of my instructors with a nutrition class she’s facilitating for women who are dealing with infertility. It was a fantastic group of women. I cooked up a pot of lentil, kale and chicken sausage soup during class and chimed in where appropriate. Afterwards some of us went for a walk, and it was the perfect day for it. I’m hoping to base a practicum project on this class (fingers crossed, knocking on wood) and I’m excited about the prospect.