Links I Like

Happy Friday. I think I’ve survived the trauma of spending another Halloween hiding in my house trying to pretend I’m not home. We don’t give out candy, partly because I would feel like a hypocrite, but also because when you have a large, excitable dog, having people knock on the door frequently is not optimal. We were trying to keep the lights out, which was why I didn’t get yesterday’s pregnancy nutrition post done on schedule, in case you’re curious. Anyway…links!
  • I saw this Thought Catalog post, “For the Millionth Time, I’m not Hungry” right after I finished and filed my Seattle Times column on food pushers, and I laughed hard. I mean’t to share it earlier in the week, but I forgot. Sorry!
  • In the last few years, I’ve turned to roasting as my go-to prep method for vegetables. It’s easy, and it really brings out the delicious natural flavors. The first time I tried roasting a batch of carrots (they were smaller, about 5 inches long and 1/2 inch thick), I was amazed not just by their great flavor, but by how gourmet the looked…and I didn’t even trim the tops and tips! Looks I’m onto something, as “Carrots Enjoy a Spike in Popularity” even at the most posh of dining establishments. Carrots: Not just for the veggie tray anymore!
  • If you’re planning to embark on a weight loss plan, should you master the art of weight maintenance, first? This Science Daily article brings some interesting news from a Stanford University research study that suggests doing just that may boost the likelihood that lost pounds stay lost.
  • I often lament that cooking is a lost art, so I am always thrilled to find shreds of evidence that contradict that. For example, this Washington Post parenting blog entry on “10 foods a kid should learn to how to cook.” Roast veggies was one!
  • Finally, a video link. I heard about this ad, put out by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, on one of the nutrition listservs I belong to. The consensus was that that ads like this do a disservice by implying that only people who are obese eat unhealthfully, when the truth is that plenty of people of all sizes eat less-than-healthy processed foods. This ad promotes the idea that drinking a lot of soda and eating a lot of fast food is only a problem if it makes you obese. While I agree that parents are food role models for their children, that’s true regardless of weight. What’s interesting is that this video is no longer available on the BCBS MN website…I had to search for it elsewhere in order to post it here. I think they got some flack. So what do you think about ads like this? Feel free to comment here or on my Facebook page.

Have a great weekend!