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Happy Friday!

I’ve had another unpredictably crazy week, as was plainly evident by my Monday-Wednesday absence from this blog. Unfortunately, when push comes to shove, blog posts plummet to the bottom of my lengthy to-do list. It’s not something I can plan for, generally, so I can’t put up a “Hey, I’m taking a few days off” placeholder post. C’est la vie!
I’m assisting with a Food For Fertility class again this weekend, and then I think we have our annual quarter-steer to pick up (the butcher hasn’t called yet). My dad and stepmom are visiting next week…which means I have some housecleaning to do. I won’t even mention the studying I always have to do! Now, links:
  • About that housework…maybe it will help me live longer! A nice reminder that it’s important to stay active even when not formally exercising.
  • A spice allergy??? The HORROR!
  • Whether or not any alcohol is OK during pregnancy is a frequent subject of debate. Many people like to point out that a) doctors in some countries are less strict about this “rule,” and b) there was a time when women didn’t know they shouldn’t drink while pregnant, and not all of their babies suffered problems. The LA Times article “Pregnant women: Just don’t drink, study suggests” neatly points out why it’s important to play it safe: Some unborn children have a genetic variation that impairs their ability to break down alcohol. Since that’s not something that pregnant women can run out and get a test for, choosing to drink is a potentially tragic gamble.
  • In honor of Thanksgiving, a fun Wall Street Journal article about T-day traditions…old and new…at the White House. Kale and fennel salad? Yes, please!
  • Speaking of vegetables, if you need some inspirations for delicious, nutritious vegetarian dishes to serve at your Thanksgiving table, look no further than “Well’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving 2012.” Hmmm…I have some giant beans in my pantry that need to be used. Thanks, New York Times!

I have my own bit of advice for making big holiday meals healthier and more nutritious without resorting to austerity. You’ll find it in The Seattle Times on Sunday, or on Monday. Have a great weekend!