Active…but still sedentary?

It’s the last week of class and I’m feeling a bit scattered finishing up a handful of the three P’s: Papers, Projects and Presentations. But I was so inspired to fire off a quick post when I saw the latest news about Women Who Sit Too Much
If you follow health news, it’s probably not news to you that even among people who get regular “formal” exercise, sitting for hours and hours a day is associated with poorer health. This is because, as I’ve said before and I’ll say again, our bodies are meant to move, and move often. 
I sit a lot. I’m a working grad student, so go figure. But for the last several months, it seems to be catching up with me, in the form of more muscle tension, mostly. I’ve been doing more yoga to take the edge off, on top of walking wherever I can and squeezing in a few free weight workouts each week, but I’ve decided that it’s time for a more radical solution: I’m going to rig up a standing desk over Christmas vacation. I see it as a gift that will keep on giving. The gift of health, of course!
Ironically, one of my professors came into class one day last week and just about growled, “How do people SIT all day!” I’m not sure if his sitting was from grading or papers, or from writing research grants, but I could certainly identify.
In any case, when I have my new desk in place, I’ll post a report + photos. And now…back to my desk chair…