Links I Like: Holiday Edition

Happy Winter Solstice! I am very excited that the days will start getting longer. Even without sun, I want more daylight! In other business, I wrote about enjoying holiday meals healthfully for The Seattle Times a month ago. Here are a few related links I’ve been collecting since them:
  • How do nutritionists eat at holiday parties? Huffington Post has the answer (for six nutritionists, anyway).
  • Are you making an effort to not just eat healthfully, but stick to a certain calorie range? “Christmas parties for the calorie counter” has some useful tips (as well as reminder than tiny appetizers don’t always have tiny calories to match).
  • If you have diabetes, holiday parties can be even more difficult to navigate. Here are some holiday tips just for you.
  • Along with holiday food comes holiday drink. When everyone and everything is festive, it’s easy to get carried away and overindulge in Champagne, eggnog and hot buttered rum. Here are some tips for enjoying holiday festivities without letting holiday drinking be hard on your health.
  • Some delicious strategies to help you “maintain instead of gain” during the holidays by filling up on high-volume, high-nutrient, low-calorie dishes, including soups, salads and sides.
Have a wonderful weekend. If your plans include trains, planes or automobiles…travel safe!