Nutrition and Pregnancy: Learn more!

I realized after I wrote my “last” nutrition and pregnancy post last week that I had yet to post a resource list. Although I strove to hit points that were important and interesting and to debunk some common misperceptions, there is obviously so much more to fertility, pre-conception, pregnancy and infant nutrition than I was able to touch on.

So I’ll share a few books and websites that I know to be reliable and believe to be useful.
Fertility and pre-conception nutrition:
  • The Fertility Diet by Jorge E. Chavarro, MD, ScD and Walter C. Willett, MD, DrPH from the Harvard School of Public Health. The book is borne out of research from the long-term Nurses’ Health Study, and Dr. Chavarro continues to do research on how nutrition affects fertility in both women and men. For a preview, check out the Scientific American interview and podcast with Dr. Willett, “More than Pickles and Ice Cream: The Link Between Diet and Fertility.”
  • Before Your Pregnancy by Amy Ogle, MS, RD and Lisa Mazzullo, MD. Written by an Registered Dietitian and an OB/GYN, this extremely comprehensive book covers topics like infertility, genetic screening, good nutrition between pregnancies, men’s sperm health, emotional readiness, being an informed patient and, of course, nutrition.
Pregnancy nutrition:
Breastfeeding and infant nutrition:
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