The Road to RDville: The end is in sight

“No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks.” Just kidding, there were no dirty looks. But I am done, done, done with classes! Three years and three months ago (September 2009) I formally embarked on this journey to become a registered dietitian, beginning with an introduction to nutrition class and an introduction to general chemistry class. 
I could argue that my journey started even earlier, because I had spent the summer of 2009 reteaching myself pre-calculus so I could score high enough on a math placement test to be able to register for that chemistry class (and avoid having to actually take pre-calculus, which would have derailed my trajectory enough to set me back a full year). From there it was more gen chem, organic chem, biochem, biology, anatomy & physiology, and microbiology.
Anyway…I’ve been in school for a long time. While still working. It’s been a grind. Totally, absolutely worthwhile, and if I had it to do over again I would make the same choice, but still, it’s been a grind!
I am so thankful to have a long Christmas break. I’m still working, but my evenings and weekends are my own! I’m also looking forward to starting my supervised practice experience in the New Year. I’ll be continuing to assist with Food for Fertility classes (the next session starts in February, if you or someone you know in the Seattle area might benefit) and will also be doing some outpatient nutrition counseling at one of UW Medical Center’s clinics (this will be done in baby steps, of course, starting with observing the RD, then moving on to doing nutrition assessment while the RD is in the room, then eventually seeing some patients on my own).
So that’s what Winter term holds for me. In the spring, I’ll be doing my core clinical hours at an area hospital, doing inpatient acute care nutrition. Next summer, I’ll spend time at a WIC (Women Infants and Children) clinic, in food service (ah, hairnets) and in advanced management. Then I’ll defend my thesis (which I’ll be writing between now and then), graduate, study for my RD exam, take (and pass) the exam…and by this time next year I’ll be an RD. At last!