Links I Like

Happy Friday! I’m in the throes of The Remains of the School Term, but I did manage to keep abreast of the interesting health and nutrition news this week. Here are links to some of my favorite stories:
  • Despite the almost universal advice to limit salt intake in order to reduce the risk of hypertension (high blood pressure), there is not universal agreement that salt (or sodium) is the true culprit. There are esteemed science and medical experts arguing on both sides of the debate. If you have high blood pressure, or trying to prevent it, this can be frustrating, I know. The Medpage Today article “Scant Evidence That Salt Raises BP, Review Finds” is on of the latest installments. I advocate for limiting high-sodium processed foods as much as possible, because I feel strongly that if a manufactured foods has to include a ton of sodium to be appealing, then that’s not a food worth eating. When you avoid those foods, you tend to diminish your “salt tooth,” and need to add less salt during cooking or at the table to satisfy your palate. 
  • Fruits and vegetables are packed full of nutrients, but do they help people feel full or lose weight? Maybe. The Medline article “Extra fruit may not ward off daily hunger” puts the results of a recently published small study in context. Pay attention to what they say about fruit juice.
  • Great article in the Wall Street Journal about “Disease and sleep,” with really nice graphics. This is why I am somewhat zealous about getting enough sleep, even when I’m busy.
  • And stress! I’m a worrywart by nature (as a young child, I had a felt banner on my wall that said ‘I’m a Capricorn, I worry.'”), but I’ve learned to be more chill and let a lot of things go, especially things I have little-to-no control over, because “Stress is linked to heart attack and such problems as diabetes and depression.” Please take special note of what the article mentions about poor diet.
  • Finally, a video link. I’ve never met Lynne Hurdle-Price, but I’d like to. She had me at “Making healthier choices, both emotionally and physically, result directly from me learning to love me.” Love your body, don’t hate your body!
My next Seattle Times column, on eating for energy, is in the print edition on Sunday (online Monday morning). Have a great weekend!