Links I Like: Start the New Year right

Happy Friday! I’m still reveling in my standing desk, and excited to be seeing the touring King Tut exhibit this evening. The exhibit has received mixed reviews (most notably that the iconic gold burial mask used in all the advertisements is not actually part of the exhibit), but I’ll take what I can get, especially since our tickets are free and I was not able to see the Tut exhibit as a child when it was touring the US (rather cruel, since I was in a major Egypt phase…which preceded my horse phase). But enough of that, and on to some links to welcome in the New Year:

  • Speaking of free, you can download a nice little PDF book, A Year of Being Well, for free. It’s got some great family-oriented tips for making small, healthy changes that will help you form healthy habits that last. It’s a great tool for parents, and there are lots of inspiring stories about families who are making a difference in their own lives.
  • I love Ellie Krieger, especially her no-nonsense attitude about eating healthy, delicious food. She had a nice USA Today article, “Despite diet hype, nutrition basics haven’t changed” that helps quiet the mental storm that can start brewing when you read too much nutrition news!
  • Speaking of nutrition news, one of the biggest bits of news this week was that being overweight or even slightly obese aren’t more likely to die than “normal weight” people. (As the Wall Street Journal put it: “A Few Extra Pounds Won’t Kill you–Really.”)This latest study adds to what many experts have been saying, and other research has revealed (sometimes to the surprise of the researchers). The takeaway? It’s not so much what you weigh (unless you are severely obese), but how healthy your habits are. Are you physically active? Do you eat nutritious food? Do you manage stress? Do you get enough sleep? 
  • One of my recent Seattle Times columns was on eating for energy. This time of year, I sure could use more energy, and nutrition is only one part of my plan. I really liked the CNN article “All-day energy, every day.” It had some great ideas that encompassed nutrition, fitness and so much more. Who doesn’t want to feel like the women in their photo?
  • And who doesn’t want to be smarter? Looks like humans big brains may be due (at least in part) to being able to outwalk other mammals. So that’s why I did well in grad school! For more, read The New York Times article, “Exercise and the Ever-Smarter Human Brain.
That’s it for now. My weekend plans include helping with a fertility nutrition class, food shopping and cooking, writing a few freelance articles, continuing to bulldoze through season 2 of “The Good Wife” and watching the two-hour season 3 premier of “Downton Abbey.” Finally!