Links I Like

Happy Friday. Are you ready for spring? I sure am! Sadly, I can’t influence the weather…but I here’s some interesting nutrition news from the last week or so:
  • To say that inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is no fun is a massive understatement. It may not be a fun topic, and some people are quite embarrassed to even talk about it, but there is a new media campaign designed to raise awareness of the two diseases (Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis) that are encompassed by IBD. It’s a good thing (and a brilliant campaign, quite frankly).
  • If you are trying to eat healthier, and want some specific guidance from an established plan, the DASH Diet Eating Plan is a top expert pick again for 2013. My beloved Mediterranean diet tied for third, but I wont quibble, because I have no problem with DASH (in fact, the two are similar in many ways).
  • Foods touted as “whole grain” aren’t always healthy? Hello, preaching to the choir, here! Turns out many whole grain foods are surprisingly high in sugar, a fact I’ve noticed when trying to find a brand of whole grain bread that I could be happy with (I’m currently in love with Squirrelly Bread, which has only 1 gram of sugar per slice and is available at Costco!)
  • I’m not vegan, nor do I specifically advocate for it. However, I feel that it can be a healthful, nutritious way to eat if done right. I liked the New York Times Well column on  “How to Go Vegan.” When I read it, I felt like if I decided to go vegan, that would be a very good way to do it, indeed.
  • Last but not least, but certainly grossest, there’s a new treatment for infection with the Clostridium difficile bacterium (C. diff for short), and it involves a fecal transplant from a healthy person. Fine, say “ewwwww,” but C. diff is nasty, and can run rampant in hospitals. If you had it and it wasn’t going away, and antibiotics weren’t helping, I bet you’d consider a fecal, transplant, too.

Well, on that happy note, have a lovely weekend. Hopefully it’s a long weekend for you!