Links I Like

Happy Friday! I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine’s day. I had a crazy-but-awesome internship day with six patients, each one quite different from the next. A highlight of the day was what I proclaim the Best Potluck Ever, in the UWMC pediatrics department: A perfect mix of healthy-delicious (kale salad, shredded Brussels sprout salad, homemade beef stew, soba noodle salad, quinoa and orzo salads, smoked salmon, and so on) and decadent-delicious (homemade chocolate cake and cupcakes, a really great red velvet cake made with beets, high-quality chocolates, strawberries and whipped cream, Top Pot doughnuts). Even though the day was crazy, I had managed to keep up with nutrition news earlier in the week, so here’s some of what I found most interesting:
Have a great President’s Day weekend. I myself am off to New York City tomorrow, sweaters and down jacket in tow, for a few days of recreation.