Links I Like: Super Bowl Edition

Happy Friday! Do you have plans for the big football day on Sunday? To be honest, I can totally take or leave football (mostly leave it), but Super Bowl Sunday is one of the two times a year we eat fried chicken (the other being a random nice summer day). We go to Ezell’s, because when I decide to eat something that is best enjoyed infrequently, I go for the very best.* Now, on to the links: 

  • If you need some evidence that moderation is good in all things…including healthful things…consider what happens when someone goes on an all-fruit diet. Hint: it’s not kind to your pancreas, and you should be kind to your pancreas (and your kidneys, and your liver, and your heart…). 
  • I love leftovers for lunch. I love them when I’m working from home, and I especially love them when I’m in an a.m. time crunch and need a lunch to-go (I almost never buy my lunch). I thought this Austrialian article was fun, especially the references to Vegemite and “hommus.” It was focused on using leftovers to create lunchbox lunches for kids, but there are some great tips, and I really think they work for adults, as well. 
  • The research keeps pouring out showing that it’s important to be generally active as we go about our days, not just when we’re hitting the gym or walking the dog. New research from Oregon State University gives even more weight to the edict, “Sit less!” 
  • Do you eat in restaurants frequently? This CNN article had some useful tips for dining our healthfully. 
  • I’m not gluten-free, but I love buckwheat, so I think I’ll be making these delicious-looking muffins this weekend. 

Have a great weekend, and don’t OD on nachos and buffalo wings!

* Not only is it Oprah-approved, but Esquire magazine called it “the most life-changing fried chicken in America.” Seriously.