The Road to RDville: Separation anxiety

OK, anxiety is too strong of a word, but separation weirdness would have made a strange post title. Jeff and I went to dinner with a few of my fellow students on Friday and we were all, “OMG it’s so good to see you!” Jeff,  quite naturally, asked “Uh, aren’t you all still in school together?”
Well, yes and no. We haven’t graduated, but after 15 months of marching lockstep through the same class schedule, and thus spending hours and hours together every week, we are all scattered to the winds. And it feels weird!
The 12 of us who are in the Nutritional Sciences Program and the Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics (GCPD) are busy in our various practice experience rotations. Two who are a year behind on entering the GCPD due to space limitations are doing thesis work and taking on other projects to fill the gap between now and next fall. Six who are not in the dietetics program are pretty much working on finishing their theses so they can graduate, and one MS student actually managed to graduate last summer (MS non-GCPD students have the easiest courseload, MPH/GCPD students have the biggest courseload).
As you can tell by the numbers, we’re a small group, and the intensity of a full time graduate program does tend to bind you together. Until it tears you apart. Sniff!
Anyway, I spent all weekend working on stuff for my practicum project, reading lots and lots of papers related to fertility and nutrition, fertility and body weight, PCOS, infertility treatment protocols…let’s just say that once again I fell down the research rabbit hole. The day I graduate and lose access to articles on PubMed will be a very sad day indeed!