Links I Like: 3/1/13

Happy Friday! I have a jam-packed weekend ahead of me (what else is new). After I help with tomorrow’s Food For Fertility class, I’m off to give a nutrition talk on celiac disease, diabetes and healthy weight. Three great topics that I can’t wait to talk about. Then Sunday (after a little sleep in and a long walk) I’m meeting one of my classmate buddies to plan another nutrition talk, this one on healthy snacking, that we’re giving to a teen group in a few weeks. So, without further ado, a few nuggets from this week’s nutrition-related news:
  • Whether or not your eating style aligns with what Dr. Dean Ornish promotes, his comment in this Los Angeles Times article about mindful eating and the health-promoting aspects of feeling connected to others are right on.
  • Short-but-interesting Ask Well piece in The New York Times about whether peeling fruits and veggies robs you of nutrients.
  • I was shocked by this ABC article, “Anorexia can strike and kill as early childhood.” Turns out, it’s not for the reasons you think of when you think of teens or adults with eating disorders. Since it’s National Eating disorder week, there are some interesting video stories on this page, including one on men and binge eating disorder.
  • What does housework get you besides a clean house? Possibly a slimmer waist, according to the New York Times article, “What housework has to do with waistlines.”
  • Finally, Dr. Mark Hyman tells you “Why cooking can save your life.” Yay for that!
I have a column in this Sunday’s Seattle Times, talking all about choline, so watch for it. And have a great weekend!